As much as I love big box staples, here’s a tip from one entrepreneur to the next no matter where you live: suggest a cool place to go for a business meeting and you’ll set a good first impression.   Here are my 5 go-to staples when talking shop in Gravenhurst, Muskoka.

5. Oar & Paddle

Business is busy but everyone has to eat.  Thankfully Robbie and her team will quench any craving you are having.  Absolutely delicious for lunch or dinner; generous portions, cocktail or not (but we vote many!).   

Oar & Paddle Gravenhurst

4.  Sawdust Saloon

Late day meetings are perfect to unwind and trying whats new on tap in the Sawdust City saloon makes for a great ice breaker.  If all else fails bust out the crokinole to break the ice!

Sawdust City Saloon Gravenhurst

3. Relish

New on the beat but not in the kitchen, Emily takes lunch to new heights.  And whats better than having something to do while you wait?!  Set inside Gypsy Market, the retail therapy scenery is top notch; I guarantee you don’t leave empty stomach or handed!

Relish Gravenhurst

2. Tea-Beards

Where else can a girl get highlights in the back and do business meetings up front while waiting for them to set?!  Oh it happens all right –  and somehow I leave feeling insanely productive every time.  Takeover a booth, sip Alyssa’s tea of the day and soak up the coolness!

Tea Beards Gravenhurst

  1. The Station

Hungry or not, I guarantee you’ll eat when you see what Kylie and Flor have whipped up behind the counter.  Better yet follow them on instagram and decide what you’re having before you arrive.  Breakfast or lunch only – they close early.

The Coffee Station Gravenhurst

Did I miss something?  What’s your favorite