The Township of Muskoka Lakes is facing significant infrastructure challenges over the coming years. Township Council must determine how to finance necessary improvements – through tax increases, increased user fees or service level reductions.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes retains only 18% of every dollar raised through property taxes to provide services and programs. The balance of each dollar is raised on behalf of the District Municipality of Muskoka (51%) and the School Boards (31%).

The 2017 budget represented a 7.96% increase over the prior year made up of an operating levy increase of 2.96% and a capital levy increase of 5%. In 2017, for every $100,000 in assessment, tax payers will pay the Township $113.29; an increase of $6.62 over 2016.

Service level reductions could include:

·         closing roads to save on cost of bridge replacements
·         reverting from high float (paved) roads to gravel on some low usage roads
·         closing fire halls and/or community centres
·         designating certain roads as seasonal with no winter maintenance/ plowing
·         abandonment or closure of public wharfs and ramps rather than replacement
·         reduced maintenance of parks and cemeteries
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