3 Quick Muskoka Holiday Makeovers

Recall my love for Annie Sloan's chalk paint and all my furniture projects, then get a load of this brilliance. Painted Tree Sometimes you just don't have room for a tree that eats 75 feet of ribbon (!!)  like mine did this season.  Odds are you've got twigs or branches outside the door, and some rope kicking about.  Voila.... Dry the wood and trim the branches [...]

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The 5 Best Spots For A Business Meeting in Gravenhurst

As much as I love big box staples, here's a tip from one entrepreneur to the next no matter where you live: suggest a cool place to go for a business meeting and you'll set a good first impression.   Here are my 5 go-to staples when talking shop in Gravenhurst, Muskoka. 5. Oar & Paddle Business is busy but everyone has to eat.  Thankfully Robbie and her [...]

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Surprise: Lets Show 775 Valuable Muskoka Women We Care

We all say the struggle is real and we're last on our list but as a bunch of Muskoka lovers lets be honest, we've got it pretty easy compared to the daily happenings in the rest of the world.   That being said it isn't all lakes, cottages and laid back living. It's a problem and while Muskoka collectively works through it one day at a time, there's a [...]

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Go Fish: Life is Complicated …Even in the Movies

With the holidays quickly upon us lets forego the consumer cash cow frenzy and take this opportunity to slow down and reflect on what we're thankful for, and more importantly do kind things for others.  At the center of that all is simply one thing: happiness.  This will, of course, mean different things to different people and is the farthest thing from a constant in anyone's daily [...]

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Why Did I Choose This Muskoka Town?

I had intended to tell you which Muskoka town I decided to call home the day after I told you who I was and suddenly we're midway through November (though it's hard to tell based on the weather we've been having!) That was my view Wednesday afternoon; so heavenly compared to the sea of boxes I sat in a week earlier when I went back to Toronto to [...]

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Repainting Furniture? The One Ingredient You’ll Actually Need

Muskoka - the land of DIY projects, and many of them not intentional!   It's probably one of few places in the world where the hand-me-down capita, in both properties and contents, exceeds any other place in the country.  Why?  I can't answer that but every single person who has spent time here has some personal connection to the area, and with that comes buildings full [...]

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When Do You See Who Is Actually Behind a Website?

In the online world faces always help.  So who am I? I am a life long Lake Muskoka cottager who has been extending what's known as 'cottage season' since I had my drivers license! Always the business lady, even when I had a job where I had to go to an office downtown, one could find me on Hwy 400 in the wee hours of the night commuting [...]

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7 Great Muskoka Spots That Won’t Bust Your Budget This Fall

It's the most magical time of the year; frigid snow is pretty and all, but a colorful tree vista beats it any day.  If you're idea of a good time involves fresh air, light exercise and a grounding experience in beauty we can't recommend Muskoka enough.   But where to go without spending a fortune on said experience? 7. Get Cultured at The Tree Museum - [...]

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2nd Rule of Reselling Homes

Flip a home ... it goes without saying that no one is going to be remotely interested in going inside if they do a drive-by and don't like what they see on the outside. Likewise, if the first picture on realtor.ca is ugly they won't click through the rest.  The second rule of reselling homes is spend money where it counts  - on curb appeal. [...]

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