Muskoka Flood 2017: That’s A Peak

We're pleased to report that as of now, aka Sunday April 23 2017, that the Lake Muskoka flood has in fact peaked.  While it was obvious to the eye yesterday, the proof is in the graph! Recall the all time high water flood mark was 402" in 2012.  The 2017 flood was thankfully a full foot shy of it and peaked at 392.08”...which is still well [...]

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Lake Muskoka Flooding 2017: It’s Going to be Close!

It was a weird weather winter in Muskoka indeed. What was a winter wonderland promptly exited in advance of Family Day Wknd (mid February) and it's been mixed bagged ever since. Now sitting on the 'will it flood fence' with mere hours until we find out we have to highlight their efforts this season, but first recall the following: We told you how they decide to draw down [...]

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The Trend is in the Data: Gravenhurst is Growing

Until today I had no idea that U-Haul produced useful data, but when I think about it what a goldmine!   Allegedly the most sought after in the industry because its the most comprehensive I do buy in, simply because moving companies are expensive and DIY is all the rage.  The more equipment and locations customers go to, the better any dataset is (yeah I'm [...]

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WOW Muskoka – We Did It: 653+ Shoeboxes for Christmas

I could NOT be more proud of the Muskoka community this holiday season.  Remember my plea to make a shoebox for a special lady in a Muskoka shelter this holiday season? That's right: that's Joanne Buie, Penny Burns and Barb Baldwin and a sea of shoeboxes.  We did it; with a target of 500 and requests from shelters for 775, the tally rang a whooping 653 (and a [...]

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Whats Brewing in the Muskoka Real Estate Market

2 crappy weather summers seem like a distant memory after the sun, heat and drought of summer 2016.  It seems the boat sales market isn't the only thing booming around the Muskoka area however.  For the first time in over a decade there are bidding wars on cottages going down!  In taking a gigantic overview of the Muskoka real estate market here's whats up: Sales up 23% [...]

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Two Thumbs Up!

We've been so crazy busy lately that I forgot that we had tickets to the Gravenhurst theatre, thankfully remembering a few hours shy of the curtain call! Pretty happy that I did because we spent two hours in a suprisingly non-packed theatre watching four extremely talented actors/tresses execute a brilliantly clever and witty theatre production called THUMBS. Having never stepped foot inside the Gravenhurst Opera [...]

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Return of the Dock!

Spring may have sprung, or in the case of last weekend, summer, but today is far more exciting than any day yet because docks have resurfaced on Lake Muskoka!  That's right no more this ... While it could have been alot worse in the end, and very few folks will arrive to find scenes like this rather more like this, it just's a reminder that this [...]

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Muskoka Flood 2016 Causing Significant Damage to Lakeside Properties

Despite the MNR having drawn down more water each year since the massive flood of 2013, we are yet again witnessing significant flood conditions in 2016. On March 16th Lake Muskoka measured 2 FEET higher than the same time last year so flooding was inevitable. Currently, water levels are sitting 7" short of 2013's peak level of 402". While property damage from the flood of 2013 [...]

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Imagine …in the time it took to fight traffic to the Hamptons you could be in Muskoka?!  

We've been saying for years wouldn't it be great if Porter came to Muskoka, and according to the news from the Muskoka To-Daily we're one step closer than we were before! If you've been to the Muskoka airport (YQA) lately you know that their is a new 6000 ft runway to accommodate the ever-expanding line up of private jets (if you want to dream it's seriously worth [...]

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Tis the Season! Let the Lake Muskoka Water Level Games Commence

That's right cottage season 2016 is upon us and the ice-out date pools are taking shape. Facts: Top of our dock level sits at 384" In April 2013 the water peaked at 402" (ie major flood) In April 2014 the water peaked at 389" (still flooded) "Water levels generally begin to rise on their own through November with higher precipitation. The MNR however begin a larger winter [...]

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