With another summer season behind us all focus shift to the year ahead. I highly doubt it will come as a surprise that the design build world of Muskoka has never been busier and long lead times on trades are now the norm. We are currently booked through Spring 2018 and therefore wanted to reach out WELL in advance to give you the opportunity to get in the queue for Summer or Fall 2018 and beyond.

A little future planning conversation never hurts and consultations are always complimentary.  Bathroom or kitchen makeovers, decks, bunkies, boathouses, lights, even just furnishings…don’t hesitate to reach out.

We are long time Lake Muskoka cottagers and more recently full time residents, who encourage you to use us as an awesome local resource whether for a big project or small. We have no time for the Muskoka markup and take immense pride in our workmanship. If there isn’t anything on your cottage reno wishlist for the next few years mega kudos to you, but be sure to join us on social media @rsmuskoka in case you loose our contact info and require help with something in the future.


Kelly & Morgan