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JELLYFISH in Muskoka?

Have you heard this NOT fake news yet?!  Yes that’s right … in our very own Lake Muskoka!  Never in a million years did we think we’re see this headline but according to Jeff Brinsmead, a senior invasive species biologist for the MNRF said “they likely entered Ontario on a contaminated boat, other contaminated recreational equipment, or possibly as a contaminant in a shipment of imported aquatic plants.”  While they hurt like hell when they sting, the upside to the LMJF is this species isn’t likely to do that to you.

What to do if you see jellyfish?

First off don’t freak out (obviously!), but more importantly if you should see one, snap a picture and report it STAT by clicking this link or call the Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711.  It will be insanely helpful to the team trying to get rid of them on our behalf!

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It goes without saying that we live in a pretty spectacular part of Ontario and don’t want these critters ruining our Muskoka vibe.