Kitchen Before

RUN right?!  It constantly amazes me how some people live, but even more so it amazes me how one would think that it would be ok to list this home FOR SALE like this!Kitchen Before 2
My rose-coloured glasses they may be, but where you may see where others see grime, dirt, garbage, grossness all I see is getting them out and my hands on the situation.

Laundry Room Before
Wouldn’t you just want to come here to do your laundry?!  Heaven forbid your newly cleaned item would fall on the floor en route to the dryer.

Garage Before
Really though all it takes is a conversation with yourself to swap the notion of judgement for potential – and when it was my turn to look through this house I didn’t even have to get in the front door to see it.  I mean, that above is a 2 car garage – or could be!

Entry & Living Room Before
And this dark as day cramped entry into living area would be uber practical – if it weren’t for the clutter, the half wall, and those pretty red drapes!

Stairwell Before
…and I might be inclined to go and see what on earth that blue thing is upstairs if I had boots, gloves and protective wear on currently.  Lovely isn’t it?!

Front Entry Before

Wait until you see what transpired with this project when I got my hands on it.