I could NOT be more proud of the Muskoka community this holiday season.  Remember my plea to make a shoebox for a special lady in a Muskoka shelter this holiday season?

Muskoka Shoebox Project

That’s right: that’s Joanne Buie, Penny Burns and Barb Baldwin and a sea of shoeboxes.  We did it; with a target of 500 and requests from shelters for 775, the tally rang a whooping 653 (and a few more continue to trickle in!).  At max $50 per box that’s a monetary value of $32,650.

Thank you Muskoka

… for putting your heart into these boxes

… for collectively exceeding the target of this holiday season, and DOUBLING the 2015 holiday season

… for doing your part to ensure women in Muskoka who might not otherwise get a a present have one

… for putting a huge smile on that women’s face Christmas morning when they unwrap a pretty box

… for supporting our cause

… for being such a loving and selfless community

… for showing the rest of Canada what a magical and wonderful place this is to live!  


Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight

…until summer 2017 when we start all over again!