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Thinking About A Lake Muskoka Reno in the Next Few Years?

With another summer season behind us all focus shift to the year ahead. I highly doubt it will come as a surprise that the design build world of Muskoka has never been busier and long lead times on trades are now the norm. We are currently booked through Spring 2018 and therefore wanted to reach out WELL in advance to give you the opportunity to get in the [...]

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Never in A Million Years… Report It If You See It (PLEASE!)

JELLYFISH in Muskoka? Have you heard this NOT fake news yet?!  Yes that's right ... in our very own Lake Muskoka!  Never in a million years did we think we're see this headline but according to Jeff Brinsmead, a senior invasive species biologist for the MNRF said “they likely entered Ontario on a contaminated boat, other contaminated recreational equipment, or possibly as a contaminant in [...]

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Attention Muskoka Lakes Cottagers: Easiest Chance to Chime In on Use of Your Tax Dollars

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is facing significant infrastructure challenges over the coming years. Township Council must determine how to finance necessary improvements – through tax increases, increased user fees or service level reductions. The Township of Muskoka Lakes retains only 18% of every dollar raised through property taxes to provide services and programs. The balance of each dollar is raised on behalf of the [...]

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Lake Muskoka Cottage Rental

If you're looking for a fantastic Lake Muskoka 4 bedroom cottage rental look no farther than Wilson Island. Yes, you read that correctly: it's on an island just 5 minutes from Indianhead Marina outside of Bracebridge so boat required. Recently renovated it's got all the bells and whistles for up to 8 ppl including: 4 bedrooms (3 in the cottage and a waterside bunkie) Master [...]

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It’s ALMOST the freaking Muskoka July Long Weekend

Happy almost Canada day! With many of you now battling it out on the 400 northbound, alot of moms unpacking the troops for the summer and almost every single crew hustling to catch up on their exterior workload this afternoon, we couldn't think of a better way to jam into a Muskoka long weekend than to tell you our favorite New York DJ whose also [...]

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Muskoka Flood 2017: That’s A Peak

We're pleased to report that as of now, aka Sunday April 23 2017, that the Lake Muskoka flood has in fact peaked.  While it was obvious to the eye yesterday, the proof is in the graph! Recall the all time high water flood mark was 402" in 2012.  The 2017 flood was thankfully a full foot shy of it and peaked at 392.08”...which is still well [...]

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Lake Muskoka Flooding 2017: It’s Going to be Close!

It was a weird weather winter in Muskoka indeed. What was a winter wonderland promptly exited in advance of Family Day Wknd (mid February) and it's been mixed bagged ever since. Now sitting on the 'will it flood fence' with mere hours until we find out we have to highlight their efforts this season, but first recall the following: We told you how they decide to draw down [...]

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The Trend is in the Data: Gravenhurst is Growing

Until today I had no idea that U-Haul produced useful data, but when I think about it what a goldmine!   Allegedly the most sought after in the industry because its the most comprehensive I do buy in, simply because moving companies are expensive and DIY is all the rage.  The more equipment and locations customers go to, the better any dataset is (yeah I'm [...]

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A Must Do Muskoka Winter Day Trip

Bizarre is the only word thats top of mind with this winter's weather patterns in Muskoka.  In late November I was still boating, top down, in a t-shirt.  December we got walloped in a 48 hour period and it was as picturesque as a snow globe. January started on a chillier edge but between a totally unexpected overabundance of sunshine followed by drizzle - on repeat - I [...]

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WOW Muskoka – We Did It: 653+ Shoeboxes for Christmas

I could NOT be more proud of the Muskoka community this holiday season.  Remember my plea to make a shoebox for a special lady in a Muskoka shelter this holiday season? That's right: that's Joanne Buie, Penny Burns and Barb Baldwin and a sea of shoeboxes.  We did it; with a target of 500 and requests from shelters for 775, the tally rang a whooping 653 (and a [...]

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