Process & Timeline:

  • Initial Call –  we’ll hop a quick call to flush out being a good fit. (usually within 1 business day)
  • Property Tour – we’ll meet onsite to discuss vision, budgets and timelines. (1-7 days)
  • Project Plan – we’ll send a detailed proposal through via email detailing our discussion. (5-14 days)
  • Costing – it takes time to wrestle quotes within the overall budget; furthermore for larger projects we’ll need to take our crews onsite to do detailed inspections. (4 days – 2 weeks)
  • Project Plan Revisions – project plans are puzzles and input is required from all sides.  Expect to go back and forth  several times. (1-2 weeks)
  • Engagement – when the perfect approach is agreed upon, contracts are signed and the work commences. (1-2 days)
  • Portal Set Up – we will create a shared online portal for your project and set up a call to walk you through how it will work to ensure good flow and open communication from the outset (3-7 days)

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No two projects are the same but the overall pricing structure remains constant.  Every category of work to be completed will have a separate line item in the project plan.  Rest assured we’ve done enough properties to have a sense of what things cost. If the cost seems off base,  we will absolutely have others quote it out for comparison purposes.

Billing & Communication:

To keep projects organized we will set up a shared online portal for your project.  Communication between parties, photos and billing will all be stored within it.

Payment schedules are split into draws, deposits, bi-weekly installments and final payment upon completion, and can be made via credit card or any form of electronic payment.

If you haven’t watched our video yet we highly recommend taking the time now as it paints a great picture of why we stand apart.

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