10 Stunning Muskoka Quartz Counter Options

It's that time of year again ...the one when we're planning the kitchens of 2020.  In combing through countless brands and styles, we thought we would help you narrow your Muskoka quartz countertop options ....and in a top 10 format.  If you're not in the know quartz is our number one choice for your cottage counter because it never needs sealing, it's resistant to chipping and [...]

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Permitting Snapshot for Southern Muskoka

The Ontario Building Code bible is thick, real thick. Why So? Three short words: for your safety.  No matter whether you are renovating or building in Muskoka or not, it serves a very good purpose. Yet, there seems to be this notion out there to skip the hassle of permits in general.  Yes it will extend your timeline, add a little more to your cost [...]

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Thinking About A Lake Muskoka Reno in the Next Few Years?

With another summer season behind us all focus shift to the year ahead. I highly doubt it will come as a surprise that the design build world of Muskoka has never been busier and long lead times on trades are now the norm. We are currently booked through Spring 2018 and therefore wanted to reach out WELL in advance to give you the opportunity to get in the [...]

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3 Quick Muskoka Holiday Makeovers

Recall my love for Annie Sloan's chalk paint and all my furniture projects, then get a load of this brilliance. Painted Tree Sometimes you just don't have room for a tree that eats 75 feet of ribbon (!!)  like mine did this season.  Odds are you've got twigs or branches outside the door, and some rope kicking about.  Voila.... Dry the wood and trim the branches [...]

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Repainting Furniture? The One Ingredient You’ll Actually Need

Muskoka - the land of DIY projects, and many of them not intentional!   It's probably one of few places in the world where the hand-me-down capita, in both properties and contents, exceeds any other place in the country.  Why?  I can't answer that but every single person who has spent time here has some personal connection to the area, and with that comes buildings full [...]

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2nd Rule of Reselling Homes

Flip a home ... it goes without saying that no one is going to be remotely interested in going inside if they do a drive-by and don't like what they see on the outside. Likewise, if the first picture on realtor.ca is ugly they won't click through the rest.  The second rule of reselling homes is spend money where it counts  - on curb appeal. [...]

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1st Rule of Reselling Homes

Tomatoe, tomatoe; staging, flipping.  No matter how you say it; whether you actually live in the house and are selling it or it's an investment property, the first rule of reselling homes always applys. 1. Work backwards from the potential list of what COULD exist within the current walls. It's no joke that home prices are skyrocketing and we're all having to deal with smaller spaces [...]

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What Would You Do If You Walked Into This Home For Sale?

RUN right?!  It constantly amazes me how some people live, but even more so it amazes me how one would think that it would be ok to list this home FOR SALE like this! My rose-coloured glasses they may be, but where you may see where others see grime, dirt, garbage, grossness all I see is getting them out and my hands on the situation. Wouldn't [...]

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