10 Stunning Muskoka Quartz Counter Options

It's that time of year again ...the one when we're planning the kitchens of 2020.  In combing through countless brands and styles, we thought we would help you narrow your Muskoka quartz countertop options ....and in a top 10 format.  If you're not in the know quartz is our number one choice for your cottage counter because it never needs sealing, it's resistant to chipping and [...]

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Boating Now Illegal on Lake Muskoka- May 1, 2019

Marc Garneau, Transport Minister of Canada, added parts of Muskoka to an Interim Order list prohibiting navigation in order to protect the safety of people and vessels and to help first responders do their jobs in flooding conditions today (May 1, 2019). Lake Muskoka, along with the North & South Branches of the Muskoka River and The Moon River are currently NO BOATING zones UNLESS: You can [...]

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Lake Muskoka Flood Damage Wide Spread: Every Single Property Affected in Some Manner

It's just dawned on us that many are ending up here via other sites.  We are long-time Lake Muskoka cottagers (and islanders) who are now permanent residents.  We've been in your shoes before, watching something horrible transpire from afar, and been dying for information that is relevant, particularly to cottagers.  As such we are attempting to communicate what is transpiring on Lake Muskoka a few times [...]

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Lake Muskoka Cottagers: Add Name to Have Watershed Management Plan Fixed!

As I mentioned in the evening news brief last night everyone needs to CHANNEL their disbelief and anger of the Lake Muskoka 2019 flood collectively and quickly.  The PC Government of Ontario MUST UPDATE the current watershed management plan they are working from so its in sync with climate change and the new normal. Mega thanks to Martin Ford of Bala for creating this petition to [...]

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Lake Muskoka Flood 2019: Ice Wreaks Havoc

Mother Nature has wreaked havoc with many Lake Muskoka Boathouses during the unprecedented flooding of spring 2019.   As of Saturday April 27th there were still large sheets of ice that were approximately 6" thick in Lake Muskoka doing damage as we boated around them.  The sheer volume of damage to boathouse and boatport structures on our tour that was visible was far greater than [...]

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Muskoka Flood Facts 2019

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook our predictions about flooding on Lake Muskoka for Spring 2019 are now a reality.   Here are the facts as at April 23, 2019 (11 am) Coles Notes: Water in Muskoka =  connected. For months we've been talking about the insane amount of snow and ice in lakes not only in South Muskoka but to our North [...]

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Permitting Snapshot for Southern Muskoka

The Ontario Building Code bible is thick, real thick. Why So? Three short words: for your safety.  No matter whether you are renovating or building in Muskoka or not, it serves a very good purpose. Yet, there seems to be this notion out there to skip the hassle of permits in general.  Yes it will extend your timeline, add a little more to your cost [...]

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3 Cheers for Gravenhurst

There is nothing better than a win for the community and recently what some cottagers may think of as sleepy Gravenhurst has had some BIG wins.    We all know our future is the generations behind us and one of the things I had the privilege of seeing first hand when we crossed the divide to resident a few years back was just how amazing [...]

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Muskoka Must Do’s Winter V.2018

Inside Secret:  Kelly Love TO DO's and as much of the fun kind as possible.  Here's her bucket list of Muskoka Must Experience for Winter 2018 Confession:  I'm puzzle obsessed.  And frankly, after several weekends of locking myself indoors to avoid absolutely INSANE temperatures I'm ready for more company and a little puzzling.  What's an escape room?   You and a few friends get locked in [...]

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20 Things Gravenhurst Needs

There is SO much available locally that i can honestly say I haven't been back to the Toronto area to eat or shop since we moved almost 2 years ago.  That being said after a day of hustling driving an extra 30 minutes each way for dinner or to get something is killing me slowly so I thought rolling into 2018 was a perfect time [...]

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