Muskoka Must Do’s Winter V.2018

Inside Secret:  Kelly Love TO DO's and as much of the fun kind as possible.  Here's her bucket list of Muskoka Must Experience for Winter 2018 Confession:  I'm puzzle obsessed.  And frankly, after several weekends of locking myself indoors to avoid absolutely INSANE temperatures I'm ready for more company and a little puzzling.  What's an escape room?   You and a few friends get locked in [...]

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It’s ALMOST the freaking Muskoka July Long Weekend

Happy almost Canada day! With many of you now battling it out on the 400 northbound, alot of moms unpacking the troops for the summer and almost every single crew hustling to catch up on their exterior workload this afternoon, we couldn't think of a better way to jam into a Muskoka long weekend than to tell you our favorite New York DJ whose also [...]

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A Must Do Muskoka Winter Day Trip

Bizarre is the only word thats top of mind with this winter's weather patterns in Muskoka.  In late November I was still boating, top down, in a t-shirt.  December we got walloped in a 48 hour period and it was as picturesque as a snow globe. January started on a chillier edge but between a totally unexpected overabundance of sunshine followed by drizzle - on repeat - I [...]

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Surprise: Lets Show 775 Valuable Muskoka Women We Care

We all say the struggle is real and we're last on our list but as a bunch of Muskoka lovers lets be honest, we've got it pretty easy compared to the daily happenings in the rest of the world.   That being said it isn't all lakes, cottages and laid back living. It's a problem and while Muskoka collectively works through it one day at a time, there's a [...]

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Go Fish: Life is Complicated …Even in the Movies

With the holidays quickly upon us lets forego the consumer cash cow frenzy and take this opportunity to slow down and reflect on what we're thankful for, and more importantly do kind things for others.  At the center of that all is simply one thing: happiness.  This will, of course, mean different things to different people and is the farthest thing from a constant in anyone's daily [...]

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7 Great Muskoka Spots That Won’t Bust Your Budget This Fall

It's the most magical time of the year; frigid snow is pretty and all, but a colorful tree vista beats it any day.  If you're idea of a good time involves fresh air, light exercise and a grounding experience in beauty we can't recommend Muskoka enough.   But where to go without spending a fortune on said experience? 7. Get Cultured at The Tree Museum - [...]

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