Inside Secret:  Kelly Love TO DO’s and as much of the fun kind as possible.  Here’s her bucket list of Muskoka Must Experience for Winter 2018

Confession:  I’m puzzle obsessed.  And frankly, after several weekends of locking myself indoors to avoid absolutely INSANE temperatures I’m ready for more company and a little puzzling.  What’s an escape room?   You and a few friends get locked in a room, submerged in a story and solve puzzles, codes, clues and problems to get out.  While I still haven’t made it to Sven’s last Secret or The Artist is Missing at Deerhurst there’s no question the secret inheritance in Bracebridge is going to be on my winter must-do list.





A little comedy in your life.  Caught wind of Deanne Smith coming to Sawdust City in Gravenhurst on Friday, February 2 and if her reel says anything beer and belly laughs are definitely in order.  Word on the street is Sawdust has a new pizza oven partner too.

There is NOTHING better than live music and Peter’s Players tops all.  I am admittely the farthest thing from a concert goer and have usually never heard of the musicians they curate, but it SO doesn’t matter.  Peter & Michelle are insanely talented when it comes to booking a killer line up and this winter looks even more intriguing with the new indie series.  Pack your slippers, go for the soul and enjoy your marshmellow!  Seriously …the best and this new Indie series bueno!

Skate the night away.  I still haven’t been to Arrowhead and here’s hoping the weather straightens around because its on my list for this year, BUT exciting news to the South end of Muskoka is that Johnston’s Cranberry marsh which i wrote about last winter (read that here) is doing an evening skate EVERY friday from 6-9pm (weather depending0 which is practically right next door so we’re UBER excited.  Open marsh over through the forest but mulled cranberry cocktails will most certainly do!  Once you’re tuckered out hit Clear Lake Brewing Co in Torrance for dinner, drinks and games (and do try the Cranberry Radler ..yum!)

Fireworks at the Wharf for the Gravenhurst Winter Carnival.  There is something to be said about bobbing around in a boat when they usually happen up here but if you haven’t experienced the sound or reflection of fireworks on a frozen lake its nothing short of INCREDIBLE (unless you’re a dog lol!).  Better yet it’s free: Gravenhurst Wharf Sunday, February 18 just after dusk (630pm ish).

7.   Yoga and mediation in the snowy forest …uh hello.  Zip down to Pura Vida at the bottom of Southwood for a few hours of Saturday Snowga bliss on February 17th, then apres it up at R Cottage in Washago after.  Whatever you choose do NOT miss out on their killer hot choclates and that menu … will save the suprise for you.  Fresh air, yummy food and home by the fire early to pass out!  Weekend perfection.


And then there’s fat biking.  Hit up Algonquin Outfitters or  Liv Outside to arrange tours and rentals (which I’ll add they’ll even deliver to your place).  Fair warning: word is Feb and March are better months to ride as the snow has “settled” but there are many a trail around to check out.  BMRC, Liv has one of their own, KOA even the Torrance Barrens.

Lastly our fav lunch stop the Main St Deli (seriously try the chicken club!) has themed dinners once a month and we’re UBER pumped to head back to memories of ’94 with some raclette to kick off what looks to be a delicious menu.

and here’s hoping for some more snow so we can hit the trails stat!