Mother Nature has wreaked havoc with many Lake Muskoka Boathouses during the unprecedented flooding of spring 2019.   As of Saturday April 27th there were still large sheets of ice that were approximately 6″ thick in Lake Muskoka doing damage as we boated around them.  The sheer volume of damage to boathouse and boatport structures on our tour that was visible was far greater than imagined.  With water approximately 2 feet over the top of most docks there is a high probability that there is far more damage than the eye can see currently, but until the water recedes no one will actually know the extent.

PLEASE understand this may very well be the first time some of these owners are seeing their properties and we have NOTHING to gain by sharing these rather are trying to communicate the widespread destruction though to varying extents.  We simply believe that it’s better to know now so you can plan accordingly, especially since the ice may leave Lake Muskoka today but we could very well get another foot of water before the flood recedes.


Thanks to Dan Orrett & Jim King for sharing some photos of damage to the South End of Lake Muskoka as well.

Every Lake Muskoka cottager will be affected by the flood of 2019 in some manner. At this point, it is suggested it is safer to arrive expecting damage of some sort and be pleasantly surprised if its only minor in nature.