It’s just dawned on us that many are ending up here via other sites.  We are long-time Lake Muskoka cottagers (and islanders) who are now permanent residents.  We’ve been in your shoes before, watching something horrible transpire from afar, and been dying for information that is relevant, particularly to cottagers.  As such we are attempting to communicate what is transpiring on Lake Muskoka a few times each day (and frankly are exhausted never having imagined this would go on this long!)  Keep up to date on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as we attempt to communicate what’s happening as it unfolds …and if you’re new you can catch up there too as you’re 6 days behind on live updates with VALUABLE information.

Muskoka Flood Briefing

(Day 7 -April 29, 2019)

  1. The ice STILL has not fully receded from Lake Muskoka and wreaked havoc on Wilson Island and I’m sure others last night.  There is a ginormous sheet filled with docks and other floating debris still at the South end of the lake that has the potential to do further damage tonight.  We are NOT out of the woods by any means yet.  Zoom in and there are at least 4 docks (1 with whips below)

2.  The inbound stream at the river is FAILING.  The trees along the banks of the Muskoka river en route to Lake Muskoka are collapsing.  This transpired today near Santa’s Village and home to the ship the Peerless II which is now lost among the mess (photo courtesy of Santa’s Village Road Facebook page)

At the mouth of the river onto Lake Muskoka on either side (Alport Bay & George Road) properties look like this.

PLEASE understand this may very well be the first time some of these owners are seeing their properties and we have NOTHING to gain by sharing these rather are trying to communicate the widespread destruction though to varying extents.  We simply believe that it’s better to know now so you can plan accordingly, especially since we could very well get another foot of water before the flood recedes.

Last night the wind picked up, temperatures stayed cold and the remaining ice in Lake Muskoka caused further damage.  Recall this was a large sheet of approximately 6″ of ice yesterday.

Some structures escaped miraculously while others were hit hard

Completely mangled and the extent of the damage won’t be known for weeks.

It is SAFE to assume that boathouse, boat port or not your Muskoka properties will have damage to some extent.  Docks got hit…

Despite the barrels…

Approaches and stairs to them are tweaked…

Corners of docks and boat ports are lifted …


Boathouses were hit by ice…


Some got hit harder than others….

And others just totally destroyed (to the right of the obvious and lighter boathouse)

The most common problem faced right now is the top decks of docks have popped off their cribs and are floating, when in fact the top of them should be 2 ft below the water line.

Unfortunately, we still know of ice sheets on the lake tonight around Beaumaris and the North end of Wilson Island and there’s more still more water on the way.

Here’s a recap of exactly how much water Lake Muskoka has received since the annual spring freshet commenced.

And here it is again broken down into by inches per day – the average since we started daily flood reports being 3.16″ of water per day.

See more visuals of ice damage around Lake Muskoka here.   And if you aren’t up to date on the 2019 Flood Facts catch those here too.

Most importantly don’t forget to add your name to the petition to have the Muskoka Watershed Plan of 2006 UPDATED to reflect climate change – sign here.