It’s the most magical time of the year; frigid snow is pretty and all, but a colorful tree vista beats it any day.  If you’re idea of a good time involves fresh air, light exercise and a grounding experience in beauty we can’t recommend Muskoka enough.   But where to go without spending a fortune on said experience?

Tree Museum Muskoka

7. Get Cultured at The Tree Museum – Doe Lake Rd, Gravenhurst.

Rally the troops and head out to Doe Lake Road to take in not only the fall colors but an incredible outdoor art installation that randomly changes.  New works from artist Deeter Hastenteufel launch Sept 30-Oct 2.  It’s super cool and bug-free this time of year.  FREE

Torrance Barrens Muskoka

6. Experience the Night Sky at the Torrance Barrens by night – Southwood Rd, Torrance.

Camera, binoculars, telescope or none if you time it right take your pick of the milky way, northern lights, planets or constellations.  An easy walk from the parking lot, atop a smooth granite outcrop just follow the signs to orient yourself.  Remember to check the clear sky chart before you head out. FREE

Johnstons Cranberry Marsh Muskoka

5. Bottle to Bog Tour at Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh -Cranberry Road, Bala.

The 2016 cranberry season is like no other.  With 27 acres of to pick through October 31 its the perfect time to experience a bog to bottle tour.  $11.50 pp.

Berry Mountain Walkers Point

4. Take in the view from Berry Mountain – Walkers Point Road, Muskoka Lakes.

Skip the crowds at Dorset and Hardy Lake and instead do a short walk up the hill and enjoy the colorful vista over Lake Muskoka.  Soak in the sounds of the quiet lake all to yourself. Park at the corner of Bradley Road and Walkers Point Road and look for the trail opposite the flower garden.  Note: It’s unmarked but well travelled – just follow the path.  FREE.



3.  Game at the Bracebridge Resource Management Center – Hwy 11 North of Hwy 117, Bracebridge.

Organize a nighttime scavenger hunt at the BRMC.  Download the app Munzee before you leave your wifi zone then hit up Dollarama in Gravenhurst and grab a headlamp and batteries for $4 too.  Meet in the parking lot, divide into teams, fire up the headlamps, give yourselves an hour and make sure and open the Munzee app in a quest to be the first team done scanning the 15 pre-planted codes, on or off the trails.  FREE.

Camp Crossroads Riding Muskoka

2. Hit the trails at Camp  – Torrance, ON.

Give a horse some exercise; with the Camp Crossroads campers gone for the season the horses aren’t getting out to enjoy the fall bounty.  Minimum age of 11 required but adults welcome.  Rides are tailored to riding levels.  A 1 hour ride is $20.  To book call 705.762.3111 or email

Lookout Park Gravenhurst

  1.  Marvel at the view from Lookout Park – Gravenhurst, ON.

Grab a warm drink uptown at the Station and then park near the marriot and hike the trail out passed it to the point.  10 minutes later you’ll come upon the lookout and you’ll know why we sent you.  FREE.

Have another  budget busting idea?  Share below and we’ll be sure to spread the word.