There is SO much available locally that i can honestly say I haven’t been back to the Toronto area to eat or shop since we moved almost 2 years ago.  That being said after a day of hustling driving an extra 30 minutes each way for dinner or to get something is killing me slowly so I thought rolling into 2018 was a perfect time to point out a few KEY holes in the Gravenhurst line up that we would seriously benefit from.

Before I get to the list I’ll simply add one thing.   I outgrew the big smoke and moved here for change of lifestyle (if you missed that diatribe here’s why).  I can’t say enough about a community I seriously knew pretty much nothing about.  Yes, I was privileged enough to grow up in a one stop light town of 2500 so knew the inner workings of small town life, but guys I’ve been BLOWN away at every turn – the people, the support, the encouragement!   Moreover, since I’ve arrived personally the economic landscape to the south being insanely pricey has not only changed, BUT both the technology capabilities and community continue to expand before my eyes making it that much better for everyone.  More and more like minded folks are moving in, brining their businesses with or collaborating with others to start new ones.  Yesterday alone, Lakeland announced their dropping $1M on fibre in town this year.  There is SO much happening in Gravenhurst that those of here are all running around with our heads cut off already so we need more likeminded folks to get on up down or over here.  SO …..

  • if you are uber passionate about one of the business categories on this list and want to jump in to entrepreneur life but haven’t quite figured out the where, how etc
  • if you have an existing business that’s looking to expand operations
  • if you find yourself miserable where you live and need a change of lifestyle and insanely supportive community around you
  • if you know anyone that fits the buckets above

REACH OUT then come see for yourself.  No, I don’t mean just move obviously but if you’re the even littlest bit curious don’t even hesitate to hit me up via email here to hop a call and I’d be more than happy to hook you up with whomever most logical to dazzle you with some Gravenhurst secret sauce at one of my 5 fav places to take a meeting. Rest assured we’ve got data, metrics, stories, all the pomp you need to make a case and will lay out the red carpet for you.  Why?  Because collectively we’re PASSIONATE about building an incredible town around us and we’re big into the help one, helps all mantra.

BUT one caveat:  ALL YEAR ROUND.  Sure there are ebbs and flows but newsflash: cottaging isn’t July and August anymore.  Thanks to global warming, the season easily extends from April to December.  It’s fine to test business models out and come in “the season” for round one but frankly we’re not interested in building a town that shuts down in the winter.  If you’re a half-ass entrepreneur or plan on sitting on EI all winter and calling yourself a real business seriously please don’t reach out.  It drives me crazy … At christmas my favorite local garden center was closed rather than offering holiday arrangements, trees or DIY classses for the month; yesterday I called a spa to book the simplest of manicures and the response  was oh we don’t open in Gravenhurst until March; even getting a latte on a Monday or Tuesday used to be a  problem around here.  Reduced hours I get (and honestly after the crazy 24/7 of the summer swell its welcome) but if we’re going to build a bad ass community lets build one where we can get what we want regardless of whether it’s February or August pretty please!

So things, categories,  viable business opportunities to take advantage of …. this list is by no means exhaustive.  Add what else you think is missing in the comments, share and ask friends and followers who come up here what they want and by all means TAG people if you think they would be interested in filling these opportunities or should look at Gravenhurst for their biz.

What Does The Gravenhurst Area Need?

  • Sushi  (listen we all LOVE wabora but it takes way too long to drive around the lake from this side)
  • Butcher Shop
  • Fish Shop
  • Cheese Shop
  • Place where you can get awesome stationary, note books etc ..
  • Phone Repair Store
  • Shoe Store
  • Gourmet Burger Bar
  • More Food Trucks
  • Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican Restaurants or just more for that matter
  • Dessert Boutique (Our Bakery is INSANELY amazing but cupcakes, cakes, pies)
  • Prepared Foods / Healthy Dinner on the Go Type Marche
  • Web / Coding Classes
  • Beauty & Health Bar
  • Walk-In Upscale Nail & Waxing Place
  • Kitchen Store / Grill Shop
  • Cooking Classes or School
  • Flower Van
  • Axe Throwing & Game Rooms
  • Movie Theatre / Boat Drive In Summer
  • Fashion Boutiques
  • Nursery & Baby Store
  • Marine Supply Store
  • Linen Shop
  • Swimsuit Boutique
  • Sunglass & Optical
  • Modern Print & Photography Gallery
  • Modern Furniture
  • DIY Workroom – upholstery, sewing, crafting
  • Bar  -Think After Work Meetings, Girls Night Out or Late Evening Caps
  • Small Group Meeting/Events Spaces
  • Wireless Phone Charging Stations
  • Organizational Solutions Home & Office Store
  • Bulk Foods/ Health Food Store
  • Hop On/ Hop Off Trolley From the Wharf to Main Street
  • Sports Store  -Equipment AND Clothing
  • Rental Shack at the Wharf Where Visitors Can Rent Equipment  – canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, bikes, etc (by summer) / skates, snowshoes, cross country skis by winter
  • On Demand Home Repair Biz
  • Vaccuum Repair
  • Shoesmith
  • Salvage Store (Glorified Restore)
  • Big Box Furniture ie CB2, RH, Homesense
  • Office Supply Store
  • Tennis/Squash Bubble
  • Boutique Hotel

….so I clearly surpassed 20 quickly lol!  Chime in